Hi, my name is Gina Godbehere and I’m running for Maricopa County Attorney. 


As a fourth generation Arizona native and mother of two daughters, I’m concerned for our community. I’ve spent my entire career as a violent crime prosecutor and a bureau chief with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office prosecuting some of the most violent cases in our community, and training over 200 prosecutors before being recruited by the city of Goodyear to be their head prosecutor.


I look around and I see law enforcement across all of our communities under attacked… they’re under attack and homicides are spiking… we’ve had 120 homicides in the city of Phoenix alone to date.


The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is having trouble, not only recruiting, but retaining some of their attorneys. They have also made the decision to downgrade a high percentage of felonies and send them to the cities. 


They’re only filing about 49% of their cases, and Law Enforcement has lost trust with the county attorney’s office. The community has lost trust with Maricopa county attorney’s office, and this is a concern for so many of us.


By the County Attorney making these unilateral decisions to downgrade felonies, and send them to the cities, they didn’t even consider how this impacted our municipalities, law enforcement or you and our communities.


Their decisions have made our communities less safe and it’s cost you the taxpayers.


Look around you… do you believe the criminal justice system is working? Is our homeless population getting better or worse?


We’ve been a treatment first state for over 26 years yet substance abuse and homelessness is not improving. We cannot keep triaging cases in our criminal justice system. We need to start holding offenders accountable and we need to make sure that when our homeless population steals to support their drug addiction, we do not just look the other way and keep arresting and releasing them.


We’re not helping them… we’re hurting them. We need to start enforcing the rule of law and actually holding offenders accountable, and we need to start supporting our law enforcement officers.


I could tell you it’s been hard to watch and not do anything about it. As my dad once said, sometimes it becomes put up or shut up time. You either see these issues that are reoccurring and you notice that the system is broken and it’s not working… and you just shrug your shoulders, continuing the status quo and look the other way; or you actually stop and you try to do something about it. You put your money where your mouth is, and that’s what I’m doing.


What worked 20 years ago is not working today. It can’t work today. And I look around and I see that if we don’t do something quick, this community that I love, this community that my family has called home for generations is going down that same path of San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

I cannot let that happen. As the head of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO), as County Attorney, my vision is to lead the third largest agency in the country. I want to make this agency a leader in finding innovative solutions to address these problems of today, such as the homelessness, mental health and substance abuse that are straining our criminal justice system.


I’m going to hold our criminals accountable, especially individuals who commit violent crime, but I’m also going to start holding all offenders accountable who break our law.


I am proud to have the endorsements of over 40,000 sworn officers, and 12 (and counting) law enforcement associations to date. I’m proud to have the support of almost every Republican mayor and city council member across this community who know me  and worked with me in the community.  We have worked together to deal with substance abuse and domestic violence and the other issues that are straining our community and making our communities more safe. 


I’m proud to have their endorsement, but there’s one thing I’m missing. I’m missing your endorsement. I hope you learn more about me and you are as concerned about the future of this community as I am.


Read my endorsements, read about my history. After you do, I’m hoping that you will support me in the August 2nd primary by voting for Gina Godbehere, which is a vote for change and a vote for an innovative leader. We all know the status quo is not working… that we need to do something quickly in our community. There’s a reason why law enforcement supports me. And I hope to gain your support as well.


Thank you.