Gina Godbehere is a Republican candidate for Maricopa County Attorney. A native Arizonan, Gina is driven by her desire to affect positive change in her community. As a career prosecutor, she is committed to equal justice for every individual and to be an advocate for victims of crime. Gina is also well known for her belief that criminal justice reform is best accomplished through prevention and is personally committed to providing opportunities for the youth of her community to overcome the complex issues that too often lead to negative outcomes.

I humbly and confidently announce my candidacy as the person who both understands the organization and the job at hand, with the experience and skills necessary to take the helm on day one . The public must know that the Maricopa County Attorney is a fair-minded advocate for justice with a record to offer that confidence . My years as a prosecutor, combined with my commitment to the youth of our state, have provided a clear picture of my core values and heart to do what is right within our community . I respectfully ask for the support of the community as I seek this office .

– Gina Godbehere


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I wholeheartedly endorse Gina Godbehere for County Attorney. Gina not only has years of experience as a prosecutor, but has trained, mentored and inspired prosecutors throughout her career. Gina brings balanced leadership that holds criminals accountable and supports police officers, while investing in the community to meet the crucial needs of vulnerable populations. As the Founder and CEO of School Connect, I have had the privilege of working alongside Gina for the Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life Conference. Thousands of students who are struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation receive the support they need from peers and mentors because of Gina’s vision. Gina knows how to build trust and leads with integrity.  I believe in her leadership for our next County Attorney.

- Tracey Beal

Founder & CEO, Champions of Education Awards

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